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and so i says to her, i says..

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8/10/05 10:31 am - eat your heart out...

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7/28/05 10:42 am

ONE MORE DAY AND IM DONE.... ive been wanting to go to sophie hose but she never answers the phone anymore... its mainly cynthia that does all her talking... i miss her and everyone else... the moving process is gonna take a long while... my mother keeps procrastinating.. and i guess its partly my fault too.. i have been here everyday for the past three weeks... but now that im not gonna have shit to do during the weekdays maybe even the weekends till school starts ill push her more to get moving out the house.. and also its kinda hard when all we got is a small ass saturn... we can only take so much daily... well i dont know... maybe itll be easier than i think... I MISS WILL!... our fridge thats at the house on parker is not workin so thats another reason its taking so long... but i was tellin my more that we live like 5 minutes from my grandmas house... she eats dinner alone everyday so im pretty sure she wont mind the company... well... i dont know... im open for anyone who wants to hang out this weekend.. give me a call... 8323382150


7/25/05 03:32 pm

lois lane turns black.....


SAY NO TO GRANDPA JOE: Exposing the Truth..



pfft... and to think i was gonna make a post about melissa, tx...

7/22/05 06:04 pm


7/21/05 04:16 pm

what's SPECIAL about this number??

7/14/05 10:05 am - gas+light+water= Parrrrtay

so... its been a while... well this weekend i am moving into my house on parker.... im soooooooooooooo happy... so if anyone wants to come by this weekend.. FEEL FREE... (im lookin at YOU william.. )... ....... so right now i am at my moms friends house taking care of her spawn... they are evil... yea... yesterday i fell asleep in the floor and when i woke.... i had JELLO in my h a i r !!! jello contains gelatin...  Gelatin or animal jelly, foodstuff obtained from connective tissue (found in hoofs, bones, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage) of vertebrate animals by the action of boiling water or dilute acid.now... how sick is that puushietty!!!.. thEyre bad kids but i can handle them... atleast im makin some money while doin it.... i go home friday.......... friday.. the 15th... ... the 15th...  yea... willy wonkas comin out... anyone up for seeing it???????? yea... i miss my mommy...

6/20/05 08:04 am - yee-mutha-fuckin-haaaw

Humidity doesn't bother me
Neither does the pouring rain
Cause 5 minutes later it's better or worse
But it never stays the same

It's hot and it's dusty
My armpits are musty
and my cowboy hat is soaked
A man on a three wheeled bike
sets me up with a 50 cent snow cone

At a quarter to two eatin' Mexican food
Free chips and beans and rice
And everything will be alright

We've got Willie Nelson

And Serial Killers
And King Of The Hill
And the moonshine distillers
And Texas is the only place to have killed
The president in his car
Heavy laws for petty crimes
Paying off probation fees
A system designed to fuck you up
That's why our prisons are our
fastest growing indusrty (fuck the system)

In 1980 John Travolta
Filmed Urban Cowboy here
Lookin' for love in all the wrong places
And drinking Gilley's beer

In the basement of the Alamo
We've got Pee Wee Hermans Bike

Where the stars are big and bright
All night


man... fuck cozumel!

6/4/05 11:40 am

im already sick of these reagan shindigs.. same people... same drinks.. same shitty music... we need to change all this... and we need wills help...

idont have the slightest idea what i mean by that....

well... thats enough updating...


5/27/05 12:22 pm - one more thing...



30footFALL BITCHES!!!!

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